Adidas Originals OT x Porter Jacket and Adidas Originals x Porter Superstar 80´s Textile.

Just got back last night from Copenhagen visiting Adidas at the CPH Fashion Show. Got a good look at the fall/winter 2011 lines from Adidas Originals, Adidas ObyO, Adidas Blue Collection, Adidas x Ransom, and also Reebok (that is owned by Adidas). To put it short: The Originals line come with some pretty dope winter jackets and amazing retro windbreakers. The Jeremy Scott line for ObyO is more freaky than ever and the womens pieces here are sick, and some of the designs Jeremy Scott customized for Madonna now will be available for you and yours. Kazuki has quit designing his own ObyO-line, but will work on the Burton x Adidas colabs instead. The David Beckham ObyO collection is the best to date if you ask me with clean solid wearable pieces. The Blue Collection KILLS it with their denim line, best fits and washes (and prices) in a long time. We will recieve the first Blue denim line any week now, so do not sleep on this one! Wasn´t too impressed with the Adidas x Ransom line, but that´s just me (it´s great casual footwear, but nothing for us at Shelta…). The Reebok runner performance line is working with a new footbed cushioning technique that is pretty much taking over shoe sales in the US at the moment, so we´re looking forward to that. Fall/winter 2011 from the Adidas camp is pretty damn great in other words.

When visiting the Adidas Originals showroom I also got a good view of two spring 2011 Adidas x Porter colabs that we are stoked about recieving here at Shelta: The Adidas Originals x Porter Jacket (O17871) and the Adidas Originals x Porter Superstar 80´s Textile (G28538). This colab with the solid japanese bag manufacturer is something special. The M65 style jacket will feature Porter-style pockets on the front, contrast lining and an attachable Porter bag on the bag designed by Porter in Tokyo. The Porter x Superstar 80´s is a zipped shell-toe and the Tokyo designed colorway represents the “Tanker” series from the Porter bag line. We will recieve only two (2!) pieces of this jacket and it will retail at 4999 SEK. Shoes will be 1699 SEK and we will recieve only 6 pieces! One of the most interesting and best executed colabs in a while if you ask me.

Will drop at Shelta very soon this spring.

Pictures suck, I know, light was bad and my iPhone camera has seen its best days…