Jeff Grosso for Vans.

Vans Era Pro drop with colorway and material chosen by legendary skateboarder Jeff Grosso has just arrived at Shelta. This man first started out way back in the 80´s skating for Vari-Flex with heads like John Lucero and Eddie Elguera. The real break came when he turned pro for Santa Cruz. After a short pro career he disappeared into drug addiction, but luckily he made it back to the good life and today he is still skateboarding being a vert relic and icon.

Vans Era Pro x Jeff Grosso-1.jpeg

Vans Era Pro x Jeff Grosso-3.jpeg

Vans Era Pro x Jeff Grosso-2.jpeg


Jeff Grosso has a new TV-show at Vans “Off The Wall” channel, called Jeff Grosso´s love letters to skateboarding. Beneath the teaser.

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