Skateistan: To live and skate Kabul

Dazed Digital (the online version of British style magazine Dazed & Confused), and denim brand Diesel has for the past two years been working together on a project called Diesel New Voices. Diesel New Voices is a platform and a way for young creative independent filmmakers to get their films seen by a broader and global audience. Three short stories recieved funding in this project and can now be viewed online; “The Boys From Ponta Preta”, “Cult Youth” and the film beneath – “Skateistan: To Live And Skate Kabul”, a 9 minute documentary about a group of young afghan skateboarders attending the Skateistan charity project/school in Kabul, Afghanistan. We´ve seen quite a few clips and articles about Skateistan before, but make sure to view this beautifully shot short film by Orland von Einsiedel.

With that said I also need to get a bit personal, and comment on the soundtrack consisting of a track from an amazing album I must have listened to over a thousand times. In 2002 the The Cinematic Orchestra released their album “Everyday” on the legendary UK label Ninja Tunes, and I was just blown away. When this album dropped I was working as an intern at a graphic design bureau in San Jose, Costa Rica, and this album was pretty much my headphone soundtrack during my whole stay there. The track featured in the Skateistan film above is called “All Things To All Men” and features Roots Manuva talking some real pure poetry, but other tracks from the same album such as “All That You Give” and “Everyday” are also true masterpieces. Make sure to get this album, give it time, give it close listenings, give it late nights, give it beer or whatever you´re into, and then thank me here in the comments, because this is that brilliant. And when I´m on it don´t miss out on the track that made me discover The Cinematic Orchestra – “Channel 1 Suite” from the “Motion” album from 1999. Masterpiece!