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Ok så här i vintermörkret (ja det är vinter…) så behövs det lite sköna gubbar att lyssna på. Jag copar lite grejer från min blog. Kan ni inte engelska så njut av filmerna bara, riktigt sköna gubbar som snackar om sin konst och allmänt om livet som artist.

So is an excellent site that release tons of videos every week with different material. Everything from dudes fucking donkeys to documentarys about skateboarding. Anyway they have a thing i like very much called Art Talk. Its tons of different artists just talking about their art and various thought about everything. Here are some of my favourites, no special order.

This german dude that was born in Russia feels so rad. I want to hang out with this one, listen to his death metal and make the most bizzare painting in the world as he already tryed to do. He likes death and things that look bizarre. Also love how he just hating on the italian minimalist Fontana that used to cut in paintings, fuck that. Just put your head in it instead…

Osang Gwon is a Korean sculptor/photographer who is sick of arguing with his countrymen about which label best suits his medium. Avoiding traditional materials like wood, clay and metal, Osang created his own genre – Deodorant style – that makes use of photo-covered foam.

This is probably one of my favourite artists. Check him out in the movie “Beautiful Losers” aswell. Bay area representing Barry McGee.

Wes Lang does crazy stuff. Started small in his apartment now having a large studio, pretty epic shit. Doing old tatoo stuff putting them together in large collages. Love the swastika made of elf bones and his old 80’s porn stuff.

Sonny is an old graffiti artist that worked as a poster designer for several years. Now came into more character designing and is currently working for the movie “Where the wild things are” with the famuos dude Spike Lee that has done tons of cool shit.

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