Nike Sportswear Air Huarache Basketball 2012 Quickstrike (501529-100).

Nike Sportswear adds a Free 5.0 sole to the iconic and memorable Huarache sneaker. This limited quickstrike release is now available at Shelta.!

Some OG history while on this topic… When the Huarache shoe first released it was different in many ways. Nobody really believed in this swooshless flat-heeled sandal style. But when the thrash talking Fab 5 bad boy freshmen of Michigan Wolverines (Rose, Jackson, King, Howard and Webber), one day in 1992 entered the basketball court wearing long baggy shorts, black socks and the odd-looking Nike Air Flight Huarache it all changed. Some say the game was re-invented this day, when the Fab 5 broke the apparel code and added this ghetto style of hoops that was only seen in the street before this day.

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