Puma Suede Classic ECO with new Eco-Friendly packaging.

Puma heads will be pleased with the latest drop consisting of two Suede Classic ECO. The iconic shoe that first released as a basketball shoe back in 1968, features rich suede and semi-fat laces. The kicks come in Puma´s new and inventive Eco-Friendly packaging called the Eco Friendly Bag, a big thing in sneaker box history. The packaging combines bag and box in one, meaning stores don´t have to give out plastic bags to customers. The bag is made out of recycled material, and the box is light cardboard with no tissue inside. Puma says that the new box will save thousands of tons of paper a year, plus hundreds of thousands of gallons of fuel needed for manufacturing and shipping. It may not reverse global warming but maybe Puma´s thinking baby steps. Big up Puma, really! Check out the Puma Suede Classic ECO here.

Puma Suede Classic Eco (352634-012).jpeg

Puma Suede Classic Eco (352634-012)-1.jpeg

Puma Suede Classic Eco (352634-004).jpeg