Supermarket got the internet going craaazzzyy…

Vår nyligen öppnade butik Supermarket med tillhörande webshop har fått grymt bra respons på bloggar och online tidningar runt om i världen. Här kommer lite citat, samt lite axplock från Supermarket´s webshop

h(y)r collective magazine
“Well I was going to try to hold off before posting another item from Supermarket but they too much good stuff.”

Means Hates You
“I almost fell out of my chair a while ago when I saw that Supermarket had an online component and immediately felt obligated to help spread the world about it”

“A new store has opened its doors this week in Gothenburg, Sweden – Supermarket. Scandinavia has always been on the up-front of fashion and it continues to be the case”

h(y)r collective magazine
“…one of the biggest hits of the spring season seemed to be impossible to track down… The store looks clean, is easy to navigate and has great products.”

“Supermarket store has opened in Gothenburg, Sweden, with world class brands such as Chrome Bags, Our Legacy, Head Porter, Wood Wood, Levis Vintage, Nom de Guerre and Nike Quickstrike, as well as an ever changing stock of vintage brands like Ralph Lauren, Levis and Burberry.”

“The one name that continually comes up is Denmark’s S.N.S Herning… You cannot go wrong with this piece. Get it now from Super-market.”

Lite axplock från Supermarket´s online webshop ( Direktlänkar under varje plagg…

Obs! Du kan alltid kombinera dina orders om du vill handla i både Shelta´s och Supermarket´s webshoppar. Skriv bara i ordermeddelandet “kombinerad frakt” så löser vi det när vi hanterar din order…

Wood Wood Capricorn Denim Sweater

Pointer Crago Nubuck/Leather

Burglar Herritage Sweater

Nike Terminator (High End Quickstrike)

Chrome Sultan Messenger Waterproof Bag

Rogues Gallery Tavern Flannel Blazer & Trouser

Our Legacy 1940’s Button Down Shirt

Nom De Guerre Regulation Trenchcoat

BePositive II Chukka Leather

Edwin ED-55 Relaxed Denim

Rogues Gallery Eyelet Boot Leather

S.N.S. Herning Bolt

S.N.S. Herning Band cardigan

Head Porter Shati Shoulder Bag

Fiberops Bounder Piké